Ohio Adolescent Literacy Network

Ohio Adolescent Literacy Network

A network for literacy leaders in Ohio

The Ohio Adolescent Literacy Network is a standing committee of regional support specialists who are collectively responsible for supporting literacy initiatives in middle and high schools across the state. Rachel Daniels established the informal network in 2018. The group began exploring seminal research articles on adolescent literacy and thinking critically about the implications of this research for Ohio schools ​and its support of Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement. As the group’s size and influence grew, they received attention and support from State Support Team 3 who have invested in producing an 8-part webinar series.


Ohio Adolescent Literacy Network is dedicated to improving learning and engagement in Ohio’s middle and high schools. All Ohio students must be able to comprehend complex texts in order to obtain advanced training, to be productive members of the workforce, military, and community while being thoughtful citizens (​Ohio’s Strategic Plan). Science doesn’t stop, and neither does the work of leveraging the science of reading for Ohio schools. Our mission is to bring tools and resources to our partner schools, and provide national leadership in a time when the challenges facing our young citizens could not be more real and the issues of adolescent literacy could not be more vital.

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This is an invite-only event for members of the Ohio Adolescent Literacy Network and select guests. Each session will be led by a nationally recognized expert on specific topics related to adolescent literacy. Each presentation will focus on one preselected reading, resource, or topic.

Presentations will last for 15 to 20 minutes on one topic. Rachel and Josh will facilitate a discussion with our expert ALN audience with a combination of pre-identified questions from the network and questions submitted online. In conclusion, we identify key implications and action steps that use featured resources and align with the Ohio Learning Standards. Participants are invited to stick around after for informal networking (also known as the after-party)

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Applied Literacy

Source: Description: On Sarah Lupo’s blog she writes about applied literacy. You can find text sets and resources for supporting literacy.

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