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Word processors

In Teaching Tip: Selecting Academic Vocabulary Words worth Learning (see attachments), Townsend and Kiernan describe how teachers can use word processors such as the Word and Phrase Tool to identify which academic words in the text are most worthy of study or to assess student vocabulary knowledge.

Expressive Vocabulary Test

“Expressive Vocabulary Test Third Edition (EVT-3) is a norm-referenced and individually administered test of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval based on words in Standard American English. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice” (


Rate Word Knowledge

Extracted from Townsend, D.R. (2020, Jun). Academic Vocabulary for Adolescent learners. Presented in OhioALN webinar.


Monster, PI

“Monster, P.I. is an app-based, gamified diagnostic assessment that measures written language skills” (