Lupo, S., Strong, J. & Smith, K. (2018). Struggle Is Not a Bad Word

Resource event: Ep. 6 Webinar Series 2020

Resource type: Reading,

Resource date: 2020-08-26 05:30

Source: Lupo, Sarah, Strong, John & Smith, Kristin. (2018). Struggle Is Not a Bad Word: Misconceptions and Recommendations About Readers Struggling With Difficult Texts. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. https://doi-org/10.1002/jaal.926

Abstract: Many teachers feel that students should not struggle with text; instead, they should read easier texts in order to learn from them and make adequate growth in reading. In turn, teachers might use easier or leveled texts as a solution or a graphic novel or multimodal version to differentiate text reading and to motivate and engage reluctant readers. The authors refute commonly held assumptions or misconceptions and offer alternative recommendations to improve students’ ability to learn from text and develop reading comprehension. The authors also suggest that teachers should embrace the struggle by providing supportive opportunities for all students to engage with challenging texts with appropriate instructional supports. Comprehension scaffolds include addressing adolescent readers’ knowledge and vocabulary needs, engaging readers in discussion about the text, and motivating and engaging readers with the topic and text throughout the reading experience.


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