Templeton, S., et. al. (2015) Vocabulary Their Way

Resource event: Ep. 4 Webinar Series 2020

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Resource date: 2020-06-24 08:16

Templeton, S., Bear, D. R., Invernizzi, M., Johnston, F. R., Flanigan, K., Townsend, D. R., … & Hayes, L. (2015). Vocabulary their way: Word study with middle and secondary students. Pearson Education.

“In this new edition of the most comprehensive vocabulary text available, pre-service, novice, and experienced middle and high school teachers get invaluable tools to share with their students that will enable them to learn thousands of words independently. With an emphasis on developing students’ word consciousness–the knowledge and predisposition to learn, appreciate, and effectively use words–the book addresses three broad aspects of vocabulary learning and instruction: context-based instruction, word-specific instruction, and generative morphology instruction, as a means to enabling teachers to teach vocabulary their way” (Amazon).


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