Zoom information for panelists

OALN’s Norms

  • Submit poll questions before hand
  • Q&A
    • Click ‘answer live’ – When you want to answer a question out loud during the event. The question will be marked as answered in the host controls and in the Q&A reports.
  • Unmute attendees who raised their hends to hear them speak

Zoom’s Tips

  • Audio and visual
    • Use a wired headset with a mic
    • Test the audio before your webinar begins
    • Minimize background noise
    • Dress to impress
  • Get familiar with the Meeting controls
  • Additional features
    • annotation and whiteboard
    • polling
    • Contact us if you would like additional interactive tools. You may also use Slido and Kahoot to enhance interactivity and learning.
  • Learn more in Zoom video tutorials at Zooom Help Center