Episode 5: How Can We Support Disciplinary Literacy Through Coaching?

As more schools adopt a disciplinary literacy (DL) orientation toward teaching and learning, how might instructional coaching bolster and amplify disciplinary literacy work?

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While disciplinary literacy is a relatively new framework for supporting adolescent literacy achievement in the United States, literacy and instructional coaching models have been utilized widely by U.S. schools and districts for decades. As more schools adopt a disciplinary literacy (DL) orientation toward teaching and learning, how might instructional coaching bolster and amplify disciplinary literacy work? In this hour-long webinar, Jacy Ippolito will talk about some of the productive intersections of DL and coaching work, including specific recommendations for school leaders and those who support DL professional learning initiatives.


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DL resources:

Resources in Chat

Tennessee Department of Ed has a great DL resource that extends beyond the core disciplines tons of free protocols for working with teams of teachers and leaders

National School Reform also has this
EL protocols

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